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Katie Foster

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Welcome to Katie Foster's Page

Katie Foster

This year, I’ve made a very special commitment. This commitment will be meaningful for so many people beyond myself.

I will be participating in the KDB Melanoma Walk/Run to increase awareness and support research for the CURE.

This event is important to me. I will be walking in honor/memory of someone very special.

My personal challenge begins now. I’m asking for your help! I’ll do all the walking... all you need to do is make a donation to help me achieve my goal.

Please consider foregoing one evening out and spending the money on a cause that will affect someone you love or know in your lifetime. You know the amount that is right for you.

I’m taking on this challenge to do something big that will raise awareness and help in finding the CURE. I hope that you’ll support me in my efforts!


raised of $300 goal

Recent Donations

1. ?Anonymous
2. JJen Grimes
I was diagnosed with melanoma at 29 and was incredibly fortunate to find it and seek a dermatologist. It was diagnosed as stage 0 and life returned to normal after a single surgery and lots of extra doctor's visits for monitoring over the next few years. Thanks for fundraising for something so dangerous.
3. KKristina
I'm a melanoma survivor only because my dermatologist caught it early. I'm so very sorry for your loss, Katie.
4. GKGina Kenney
Donating in the name of my friend, Sawyer, who is also a warrior against this dreadful disease!
5. MBMegan Bell
Hello from Bay City, MI!
6. ?Anonymous
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